There are many different ways to prepare olives & the following old Greek recipe is one of the simplest. Commercial pickling processes generally use caustic soda, food acids and salt. This old fashioned recipe uses only salt.

Olives can be pickled when green or black. A black olive is simply a ripe olive. Remove any stems or leaves and rinse olives in clean water in a bucket.

Place the olives on a clean surface or cutting board and bruise them with another stone or hammer. Alternatively, prick several times with a fork, or make three slits in the skin with a small serrated knife while turning the fruit between the thumb and index finger. This bruising, pricking or cutting will allow the water and salt to penetrate the fruit thereby drawing out the bitterness and also preserving it. This will do away with the need to use caustic soda solution as used in commercial processing of olives.

Toss them immediately into a bucket or earthenware container of water in which one half cup of coarse or cooking salt has been dissolved into every ten cups of water. A clean plate can be placed on top to keep the olives submerged. All olives must be under the liquid. Pour the liquid away each day and replace with fresh salt water. Repeat this washing process for about 12 days for green olives and about 10 days for black olives.

The best test is to bite an olive. When the bitterness has nearly gone, the olives are ready for the final salting.

Pour off and measure the last lot of water so that you will know the volume of salt brine that will be required. Measure that quantity of fresh, warm water into a pan and dissolve the salt, this time at the rate of 1 cup of salt to 10 cups of water. Bring the salt water preserving mixture to the boil and allow to cool. Place olives in bottles and then pour the salt water brine over them until the fruit is completely submerged. Top up bottles with up to one centimetre of olive oil to stop air getting to the fruit and seal the lids on. No further preparation is required and the bottled olives will store for at least 12 months in a cool cupboard.

When you are ready to eat your olives, pour out the strong preserving solution and fill the jar with clean, cool water. Leave in the refrigerator for a further 24 hours to leach some of the salt back out of the olives. At this stage you can also add any or all of the following flavourings: Grated garlic, basil, oregano, chopped onion, red capsicum, lemon juice and lemon pieces. Especially popular is a combination of garlic, basil and lemon juice.

Now sit back and enjoy the unique flavour of your own olives. You will probably never want to buy chemicalized commercial olives again.

One last word of warning. Don’t give your olive eating friends a taste or you might end up with more friends than olives. Tell them to buy themselves a tree or two, or better still to order fresh olives from Paling Yards Olive Grove next season.


May be used as a salad dressing; on chicken, fish or corned beef; or in sandwiches.

On a chicken breast with sour cream, wrapped in foil and cooked on a Bar-b-q.

On hot chats potatoes, asparagus, spinach or other vegetables.


May be used as a dipping spice with PYG EVOO & crusty bread eg Italian pane.
As an addition to curries or casseroles.
In bread crumbs when coating lamb cutlets or veal.
Sprinkled onto lamb or beef on the Bar-b-q.
Rubbed onto a leg of lamb with or without garlic.
Sprinkled onto pan fried barramundi.
Sprinkled into a salad then toss with vinaigrette
Paling Yards Grove recipes


- Equal quantities of PYG Poppyseed dressing, cream cheese and sour cream
- Blend together in a food processer or blender.
- Add chopped fresh parsley & chives.
- Finely chopped celery may be added for a crunchy texture.


- French bread sticks cut into 1 cm thick slices.
- Brush both sides with PYG extra virgin olive oil & bake for 10 mins in a moderate oven, or untill golden brown. These may be stored in an aitight container untill needed.
- Cut purple onion into thin slices.
- Skin and coarsley flake smoked trout.
- Freshly cut chives.

Place small amount of onion on toast, cover with smoked trout and blended poppyseed dressing, sour cream & cream cheese. Top with crossed chives.


- Gourmet pizza bases
- PYG extra virgin olive oil
- PYG Dukkah spice mix
- Parmesan cheese grated
- Sundried tomatoes (optional)
- Sliced black olives (optional)

Drizzle pizza bases liberally with PYG EVOO.Sprinkle with PYG Dukkah spice mix, parmesan cheese & other ingredients if desired.Bake in a Moderate oven for 10 minutes.